J. C. Hendee

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J. C. Hendee
BornUnited States
GenreFantasy, horror
SpouseBarb Hendee

J. C. Hendee is an American author. With his wife Barb Hendee, he is author of The Saga of the Noble Dead, the fantasy novel series.[1]

List of works[edit]

Saga of the Noble Dead[edit]

series one:

Mass market trilogy
  1. Dhampir (2003, ISBN 0-451-45906-7) with Barb Hendee
  2. Thief of Lives (2004, ISBN 0-451-45953-9) with Barb Hendee
  3. Sister of the Dead (2005, ISBN 0-451-46009-X) with Barb Hendee
    Hardcover trilogy
  4. Traitor to the Blood (2006, ISBN 0-451-46090-1) with Barb Hendee
  5. Rebel Fay (2007, ISBN 0-451-46143-6) with Barb Hendee
  6. Child of a Dead God (2008, ISBN 0-451-46221-1) with Barb Hendee

series two:

  1. In Shade and Shadow (2009, ISBN 0-451-46302-1) with Barb Hendee
  2. Through Stone and Sea (2010, ISBN 0-451-46318-8) with Barb Hendee
  3. Of Truth and Beasts (2011, ISBN 0-451-46402-8) with Barb Hendee

series three:

  1. Between Their Worlds (2012, ISBN 0-451-46435-4) with Barb Hendee
  2. The Dog in the Dark (2012, ISBN 978-0451464934) with Barb Hendee
  3. A Wind in the Night (2014, ISBN 978-0451465672) with Barb Hendee


  • Bones of the Earth
  1. Karras the Kitten (May 2012, ISBN 978-0-9855616-1-1)
  2. Karras the Cat (October 2012, ASIN B00A03F12Y)
  • Sagecraft
  1. Puppy Love (June 2013, ASIN B00DGZ7HAM)


Codex of the Noble Dead (planned)


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